The D & L Trail

Canal with Trail

The D&L Trail follows the 165-mile route that anthracite coal took from mine to market. It winds through northern mountains and along the banks of the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers through northeast Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley and through Bucks County. The D&L Trail passes through towns, industrial powerhouses and along remnants of the Lehigh and Delaware canals. This earthen path exposes walkers, hikers, bicyclists and others to some of Pennsylvania's finest wild lands, waterfalls, wildflowers and wildlife.

This is one trail that travels through three distinct regions and ties the 165-mile D&L Corridor together. It's an amazing journey for outdoor enthusiasts, families, history buffs and art lovers with sites and stories just waiting to be revealed.

Complete open and improved

Unimproved open, travel at your own risk

Under Construction not accessible at this time

Planned Future linkage and trail development

Closed (access currently prohibited)