Giants Despair Hill Climb


Giants Despair Hill Climb is held just outside of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, in Laurel Run Borough on East Northampton Street. This community has been host to this event since it was first held in 1906. It is one of the oldest continuing motor racing events in the world. Giants is rich in tradition. In its early years, all of the world’s major manufacturers sent their top cars and drivers to capture honors at the event. Early notables included Ralph DePalma (Fiat Team) and Louis Chevrolet driving for Buick. Rejuvenated in 1951, the list of Who’s Who in the driving world included Carroll Shelby (first driver to brake the magic minute), Roger Penske and Oscar Koveleski. The Hill starts out with a long gently rising straight about one quarter mile in length that leads into a fast left hander that tests both nerves and skill. Then on to a short chute and “Devils Elbow,” a sharply rising hairpin that goes off camber at its crest. Next is a series of ninety-degree turns connected by short straights. Then comes “The Incline,” a meandering quarter-mile stretch that rises at twenty-two degrees to the finish.

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Giants Despair Hill Climb

East Northampton Street
Laurel Run , PA 18706

Phone: 610-863-4709
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