Glen Onoko Falls

Jim Thorpe
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Glen Onoko Falls is a rugged hike and may be a problem for the inexperienced hiker. The Falls begin as a mountain spring atop the Broad Mountain. The water is a chilly 55 degrees even in summer. It gushes from the top and forms a stream that varies between 10 and 20 feet in width. As the water surges down the mountain, it cascades over several waterfalls. The largest drop is about 75 feet. The Falls are located deep in a hollow near the southern terminus of Lehigh Gorge State Park.  However, they are part of the PA State Gamelands so they are not patrolled or maintained by the Park.  As such, the Falls are potentially dangerous.  You should respect the area and enter at your own risk.

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Glen Onoko Falls

Lehigh Gorge State Park
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

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