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Haines Mill is located on Cedar Creek at the western end of Cedar Creek Parkway East.  John George Knauss purchased the land in 1759 from his father-in-law, Joseph Bishop.  Bishop had aquired the land from William Penn’s sons, Thomas and Richard in 1738.  The original mill was erected about 1760.  The Knauss family operated the mill until 1853.  Solomon Lichenwalner took over the mill in 1867, and then sold it to Jacob Haines in 1906.  After a fire left nothing but the outside walls, the mill was rebuilt in 1909.  The Haines sold the mill in 1952 and operations ceased in 1956. 
The Lehigh County Commissioners bought Haines Mill in 1972 and it was restored as working grist mill museum.  As part of Lehigh County’s park system, visitors can watch a water turbine and rolling equipment operated by water power supplied from a mill race in the same way as when it was a thriving commercial venture.  The museum is administered by the Lehigh County Historical Society.

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Hours of Operation:

Saturday and Sunday
May to September 1pm to 4pm
Other hours by appointment
with guide service.


Admission is free. 


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Haines Mill Museum

3600 Dorney Park Road
Allentown, PA 18104

Phone: 610-435-1074
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