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June 29, 2013

Two-and-one-half months have passed since out last blog post and much has happened at the developing Freemansburg Canal Education Center. Our landscaping is almost done except for the planting of the dye plant garden, which will feature plants that were used in the dyeing of cloth in the 1850s. We have removed invasive plants from every corner of the site and are replacing them with native wildflowers and grasses. It is an arduous task that will take years to complete. The mule barn is being emptied of stored wood for split-rail fences, picnic tables and a shoreline trail that either have been built or are being built. We will soon begin putting in a paver floor, new lighting and ceiling fans, large format historic photos of Freemansburg and the canal, and canal artifacts on loan from the National Canal Museum. “Fritchie” our full-size fiberglass mule arraved in late May and is now happy in his new home. Three-thousand-two-hundred feet of batten are waiting to close up the openings between the barn walls’ boards. The outdoor classroom is complete thanks to Eagle Scout candidate Marcello Benatti of Troop 302 in Bethlehem. Work on the interior of the lock began on June 27 and the student walkway is about to get underway. A grant for the restoration of the locktender’s house was submitted to Northampton County on May 31. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Volunteers have meet every Thursday and Saturday at the site and their efforts show. Volunteer docents began their training on June 19 and are meeting every two weeks to learn about the site and how to present lessons about canal life to fourth-grade students. Everyone likes their costumes; we are fortunate to have two experienced reenactors in the group who are very helpful in understanding life of the 1800s. – reported by Dennis Scholl


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