Students want sequel to Tales of the Towpath

Quite a few students responded to our question about a sequel to Tales of the Towpath. One youngster from Quakertown Community School District even provided a detailed outline for aspects he’d like to see in Tales II, or whatever the sequel would be called. Congratulations to the creativity exhibited in all the answers. Here are some of the student ideas: 1) get Finn a wife, 2) have Finn fight in the Civil War, 3) make Finn a canal boat captain, 4) bring back Nancy, 5) explain what Sarah was, a person or a ghost, 6) reveal whether John Gorman was Finn’s relative. If there is a second book – and we hope there is – all of those questions will be answered. Books take two things: time and money. Right now Mr. Scholl is up to his neck in new responsibilities that occurred as the result of the merger of his employer, the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, and the National Canal Museum. BY hook or by crook, there will be a sequel. The question is when?

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