Smithtown is a tiny hamlet located midway between Uhlerstown and Lumberville in Bucks County. Smithtown was named after Joseph Smith, a farmer who established a shop near the Delaware River in 1802 for making plows with cast iron moldboards, the part of a plow that cuts into the soil and turns it over.

Prior to Smith’s invention, which received a United States patent in 1800 signed by President John Adams, moldboards were made of wood, which stuck to the soil and had to be cleaned very frequently. Smith’s cast iron invention was an improvement and began a revolution in the farming industry that continued with the introduction of Jethro Wood’s cast iron plow with replaceable parts in 1814 and John Deere’s steel moldboard in 1837.

Most of the buildings that Smith’s business occupied were in the path of the Delaware Canal and were destroyed when canal construction began in 1827. Double locks 15 and 16 were built over Smith’s property and remained in operation until the canal closed in October 1931.